Today (April 13), Ceasar Christian returns to present the official music video for “Push It (Remix),” and recruited Lil Mama to put her flavor on the track. Premiered exclusively with REVOLT, the freshly released clip features a series of energy-filled black and white clips that show the duo hyping each other up to the beat. Christian’s “Push It (Remix)” samples the Salt-N-Pepa classic of the same name and serves as the perfect nostalgic backtrack to Lil Mama’s new verse:

If I get to spinnin’, I’m spinnin’ like spinderella, and Salt-N-Pepa here/ This is my year, I ain’t talkin’ bout the times, but if I’m Bow Wow and this is Like Mike, you gon’ remember mines/ I push it, and I push it, when I push it, I push it/ That good shit, that hood shit, ’cause when I push it man, it’s like I’m your pusher man, they here with these fully loaded clips, like I’m pusha man

Ceasar Christian took a moment to delve into the work that went into the video and collaboration, confirming there’s much more in store: “This whole project from the song to the video was a great experience because I’m a creative visual person and so is Lil Mama. So we worked together well. Lil Mama blessed me with my first big feature and since then it’s been up. I have few more dope collabs on the way. We filmed the video in Atlanta and the whole set was a vibe.”

Lil Mama also shared her piece in a behind-the-scenes interview on the video set and expressed her excitement: “Ceasar is an amazing artist. I can’t wait for y’all to get a load of him and what he got to bring to the table. Talented, for real. My family heard his verse and was like, ‘Yo…the boy go hard!'”

Be sure to press play on the brand new music video for “Push It (Remix)” featuring Lil Mama down below.