“Abbott Elementary” is not only making on-screen impact, but continues to bring positive change off-screen as well. ABC’s hit sitcom is donating 150,000 meals to Feeding America, Variety reports. For every dollar donated to Feeding America, the non-profit provides at least ten meals to families in need through a network of member food banks. The gesture is timed with the finale of “Abbott Elementary’s” Season 1.

In addition, from Apr. 11-15, Warner Bros. TV will partner with chefs Eitan Bernath and Ahmad Alzahbi, who will create lunchbox meals while discussing the impacts of food insecurity. “Abbott Elementary’s” Think Outside the (Lunch) Box campaign aims to raise awareness about food insecurity with a week-long series on social media encouraging others to support Feeding America.

“Elevating the issue of food insecurity is essential in the fight to end hunger,” said Lauren Biedron, vice president of corporate partnerships at Feeding America. “We are grateful to Warner Bros. Television, ABC/Disney and the ‘Abbott Elementary’ team for joining us to help ensure that our neighbors facing hunger get the meals that they need.”

According to AP, “Abbott Elementary” became ABC’s first comedy to quadruple its ratings since its premiere. The show, which has only aired seven episodes thus far, follows a quirky elementary school staff struggling to make ends meet at an underfunded Philadelphia school.

As previously reported by REVOLT, creator Quinta Brunson previously delved into how she wanted the show to represent Black educators. “I think it’s amazing that now we have this opportunity for a group that hasn’t been shown too much— a group of Black educators — to be on screen, and not only be on screen, but then have some fun, too,” she said.

When she first came up with the idea for the show, Brunson said she wanted to make it a comedy. “And then I just like my comedies to have heart in them,” she explained.

“Those are my two goals: heart and humor. I think when you put both of those things in a school, an elementary school — sorry, a public, underfunded elementary school — naturally, it uncovers some of the larger issues at play, right?”

For more information and to donate, visit feedingamerica.org/abbottelementary.