If there’s one thing we know about awards shows, it’s that celebs take their red carpet fashions seriously — and Tiffany Haddish made sure that one reporter knew it wasn’t a game.

As Jay-Z once said, “After the show it’s the after-party,” and after the event-filled Oscars wrapped on March 28, Hollywood’s who’s who was ready for a night on the town, dressed in their finest fashions.

While making her way down a red carpet, Haddish stopped for a quick interview with Entertainment Tonight correspondent, Lauren Zim.

“Did you do a little costume change?” Zim says to Haddish who is dressed in noticeably different attire, but from Haddish’s facial reaction you can see that she wasn’t feeling Zim’s choice of words.

“Um, I’m not wearing a costume. I’m wearing Dolce and Gabbana. It’s called an evening gown, darling,” Haddish announces, basically telling Zim to put some respect on her name and attire.

Zim, who clearly feels the shade and wants to keep her job, tries to make light of the situation, but Haddish does not let up, adding, “It’s custom, thank you.”

“Time of death for me? Right now,” Zim states. The correspondent tries to salvage the situation with a compliment, “You look gorgeous,” she starts, but Haddish jumps in once again.

“This is not an acting gig, this is my life. This what fame look like,” Haddish says with a forced smile before continuing on. “This what success look like. This what money look like. This what it look like.”

If Zim thought the lesson on how to not get on Haddish’s bad side was over, she was wrong. As the reporter tries to wrap things up, Haddish kicks things up a notch and says, “I’m just trying to accomplish a lot of things before 50, what are you doing?”

Before Zim can explain what she’s doing with her life, Haddish interjects, “You out here with no shoes on, I’m jealous.”

I’m out here with no shoes on,” Zim agrees, presumably not knowing what to say at this point.

It’s probably safe to say that Zim will never in life refer to anyone’s clothing as a costume again.