Hit-Boy is looking forward to the 2022 Grammy Awards.

He’s nominated in the Album of The Year category for his work on H.E.R.’s Back of My Mind. Plus, he’s been nominated in the Producer of The Year, non-classical category for Nas’ King Disease II and the Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album soundtrack.

Despite three previous Grammy wins and countless hits throughout the past decade, the producer of the year nod is the Southern California native’s first-ever.

“I feel like this recognition is happening when it’s supposed to,” Hit told the Associated Press. “I’ve had years when I’ve had billboards and top 10 joints, like big joints. I’m getting less press now and getting less love by doing a Nas album or doing an EP with Big Sean or helping Dom Kennedy with his album. I’m doing real and soulful music.”

“I’m just going straight for the heart,” he added. “I’m making music that’s going to stick.”

The 34-year-old superproducer said he’s content with just being nominated this year and isn’t getting his hopes up.

“Even though so many other outlets have given me their producer of the year awards, the Grammys is just different,” he explained. “The criteria is different. You don’t know everybody who is voting. I’m just thankful for the nomination.”

Being recognized as an artist at the annual awards show is still one of Hit-Boy’s goals. He’s released solo projects in the past that haven’t been as celebrated as his production work for other artists. But, when asked by AP what he would like to accomplish next — Hit-Boy said he has his eyes set on winning a Grammy as an artist.

“That would be a level up,” he said. “I am an artist. That’s something I’ve been doing, before I was producing. But I’m doing a production album. It’ll be my production with different artists. That’s another way I can win as an artist as well. I’m just giving myself the best chances to win. That’s investing in myself at the end of the day.”