There is no secret that Key Glock is one of the hardest rappers in the younger generation. He came out strong and made a name for himself with the release of his Whole Lotta Errthang mixtape back in 2016. Having not looked back since, the Memphis rapper has only elevated his work ethic and everything about his career. Only time will tell when we really witness him reach his full potential and it will indeed be a beautiful thing to see. With an abundance of music dropping on a weekly basis, Mr. Glock picked the perfect time to bring forth those much needed trap vibes. Today (March 25), the PRE rapper drops off the extended version to his Yellow Tape 2 LP.

For the announcement, Key Glock featured a trailer that honors his late cousin and labelmate, Young Dolph, who was murdered four months ago in Memphis. In the trailer, Glock is waving the PRE flag high in Dolph’s honor. He has been slowly unveiling new music over the past few weeks as he geared up for the release of Yellow Tape 2 Deluxe. It opens up with a snippet of a Dolph interview where he praises Glock’s hustle. “Glock hard. He ain’t never had no features or nothing on none of his tapes. So, it speaks for itself. It speaks volumes. I really don’t know no young nigga that’s on his level, doing what he doing and got what he got,” Dolph says in the snippet. The trailer largely serves to combat a narrative that Glock won’t be successful without Dolph’s backing.

Living up to his work ethic and Flippa’s claims, Key Glock tackles the deluxe version of Yellow Tape 2 himself and it certainly adds a bit more sauce to the original. Tap in now!