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  /  03.18.2022

A Russian model who had called Vladimir Putin a “psychopath” was reportedly discovered dead in a suitcase one year after she went missing.

According to the Daily Beast, 23-year-old Gretta Vedler was strangled to death by her ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin, who recently confessed to the crime. When speaking to authorities, he revealed that he killed her after an argument about money and slept in a hotel room with the dead body for three nights. He then stuffed her corpse into a new suitcase, which he left in his car for over a year. He admitted that he posted old photos on the model’s social media page so it would appear that she was still alive.

Vedler garnered attention last January after she trashed the president of Russia for his decision to crackdown on protests in the country.

“Given the fact that Putin went through a lot of humiliation in childhood, he could not stand up for himself due to his [slight] physical form, it is not surprising that he left after law school and joined the KGB,” she wrote, according to the Mirror. “Such people are timid and fearful from childhood, afraid of noise and darkness, strangers, so traits such as caution, restraint, and lack of communication are developed early in their character. I can only assume, in my opinion, a clear psychopathy or sociopathy is seen in him.”

Coincidentally, she went missing after the tweet, drawing concern from family and friends who noticed her “active” social media posts but were unable to reach her. Her sudden disappearance led to speculation that she was either taken into custody or killed per Putin’s request. The questions regarding her death were finally answered with her ex-boyfriend’s confession. The suitcase itself was discovered after Korovin’s friend tipped off authorities — a request the murderer eventually made.





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