Sunday (March 13) marks two years since Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by local police officers during a no-knock raid in her Louisville apartment.

To commemorate the significance of her life and death, bass-baritone classical singer Davóne Tines has created a new audio-video exhibit in honor of the slain 26-year-old.

Tines’ immersive audio installation is called “OpenProcess,” and it centers around his heartfelt tribute to Taylor called “VIGIL.”

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, where the art will be displayed, describes OpenProcess as an exhibit that aims to “model how art around social issues can be done responsibly and be a partner in leading toward change.”

The art project creates different access points into the track “VIGIL” based on the participant’s choices. Guests will be able to engage with up to six different content nodes that highlight different aspects of the song, allowing them to enrich their experience of the music.

In a new interview with Blavity, Tines discusses the origin of “VIGIL” and why he chose the song for this exhibit.

The history of that song, long story short, it first came out of improvisation with a close friend and colleague, Igee Dieudonné. He came here from Amsterdam. We kind of have a musical process of, you know, head to the studio late in the evening, to just set a bunch of different moods and improvise within them. So the song was born out of improvisation between Fauré, a French impressionist composer, and gospel music,” he explained.

“That song came out about a year before the tragic death of Brianna Taylor,” Tines continued. “In the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of engaging that death, even months after it actually happened, I was asked to create a video performance as part of an online music series. So I chose that song because for me, it provided a meditative space to engage what was going on in society and within me.”

OpenProcess will be on display in New York at Lincoln Center on Tuesday, March 29.