Nineteen-year-old Jadun Byrd was shot and killed while FaceTiming his mother, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. On the morning of March 2, the teenager requested a ride from Lyft so he could meet up with his mother, Leslie Byrd, who works at the Homer G. Phillips Health Center in St. Louis.

Jadun would reportedly head over to his mother’s job in order to use to her vehicle when she was working. However, Leslie said that as she FaceTimed Jadun he was dropped off at the wrong building this time. “He said, ‘Mama I’m lost.’ … So I told him to look to the left and he looked to the left and then that’s when I seen the phone drop and I heard three shots,” she said.

Due to the proximity, Leslie was able to hear gunshots through her phone and from her location as she waited for her son to arrive. She initially believed that he dropped his phone running to safety. Leslie then heard a bystander say, “They just shot that boy up.” Jadun’s phone was positioned in a way that his mother was able to see her son lying on the ground.

“That’s when I seen [Jadun’s] face, and his eyes rolled back and his hands curled up. And I just watched him take his last breath,” she explained. “And when I went over there, he was just laying there.”

Reports claim that a vehicle pulled up and rang out multiple shots that hit Jadun. Nurses at Leslie’s job intervened by performing CPR, but the mother had an inclination that it was too late for her son. She also doesn’t believe he was the intended target. When the paramedics arrived, the teen was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead due to his injuries.

Police have yet to release any detailed information surrounding the case and have not made any arrests.

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