Travis Scott is getting into his philanthropic bag with his latest venture. On Tuesday (March 8), the “Highest in the Room” rapper announced the launch of Project HEAL — an effort that aims to support multiple community initiatives. According to TMZ, he’s already donated $5 million to the project — all of which will be allocated among different causes.

One-fifth of the funds will specifically be saved in his Waymon Webster Scholarship Fund for HBCU scholarships. As with previous grants, the awards will be given to underserved Black college students. He intends to provide financial assistance to at least 100 scholars who have maintained a 3.5 GPA or above.

Some of the money will be used to develop mental health and creative design programs, and part of it will go to the US. Conference of Mayor’s Task Force on Event Safety to protect fans when they attend artists’ shows — a decision seemingly inspired by his experience at last year’s Astroworld Festival.

As fans know, the Houston-based event went downhill when fans were trampled and injured amid a spontaneous crowd surge. Ten individuals passed away as a result of the incident, and hundreds of lawsuits against Scott followed. Given the large number of suits targeting the rapper, the cases were consolidated and will now be handled by one judge.

Per the last court hearing, a gag issue was ordered, preventing lawyers and those involved in the case from making their case to the media. “This case should be tried in the courtroom and not on social media or with press releases or other statements to the media,” Judge Kristen Hawkins said at the time. She added that statements about actual happenings in court are not prohibited, and asked attorneys to categorize the suits into four sections (deaths, bodily injuries, brain injuries and PTSD) for the next meeting.