Snoop Dogg is standing by his mission to support artists on Def Jam Recordings. Recently, while conversing with Elliott Wilson, the rapper revealed he was vital in ensuring that Benny the Butcher got signed to the label for an amount that was worthy of his value.

According to Snoop, he reached out to the “Legend” emcee after securing his role as an executive creative and strategic consultant and inquired about the status of his then-potential deal with Def Jam. “He’s like, ‘Oh man, they lowballed me.’ I said, ‘Lowballed you? They don’t know who you is?’” recalled the West Coast legend. He then insisted he’d bypass the individual who devalued Benny and instead bring him to the higher-ups.

“I’m going to call the boss,” Snoop continued. You’re going to tell the boss what you want, and he’s going to give you what you want and you’re going to sign.” The rest is history.

After securing the deal, Snoop proudly announced the news during his appearance on Joe Rogan‘s podcast. Benny informed fans on social media.

A Buffalo nigga the new face of The Legendary @defjam. Signed my major deal finally. This for DJ Shay, Griselda x B$F this is BIG…Huge Buffalo we did it again gotta,” wrote the Buffalo rapper. “Y’all stock Jus went up with mine. This street shit back on top.” Among the many people thanked in the post was Snoop. “Big unc @defjamsnoop @snoopdogg I appreciate u OG u kno tht,” Benny went on. “THE BUTCHER [is] COMIN.”

Snoop secured his Def Jam gig over the summer and has since been tasked with the duty of advising the label’s new artists. At the time, he said his focus is to “help the artists and give them love and wisdom and guidance and understanding; [to] teach them some tricks that I learned in the game; to diversify their portfolios to not just be rappers and not just be artists, [but] to be superstars.”

He reiterated his mission to help the artists during his interview with Wilson. “You can bring me in to do executive shit, but remember I’m an artist, so I’m going to always pattern it for the artist. Especially hip hop artists…,” said the “BMF” actor. “You never know what you’re worth until you overcharge. That’s what we need to know. A lot of times, we be scared. I go in and overcharge.”