On streaming service Discovery+, “Legacy: In the Shadow of Greatness” is set to debut on March 31, Next TV reports. The series will follow the offspring of sports greats like former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, Dwayne Wade and NFL player Randall Cunningham as they work to earn their footing outside of their famous fathers.

Wade, who retired from the Miami Heat in 2019, opened up about some of the oppositions his son, Zaire, faces as developing basketball star. The brief clip shows Zaire flexing his skills on the court at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles during Wade’s episode. The star studded team is also home to LeBron James‘ son, Bronny James.

However, Canyon’s head coach, Andre ‘Dre’ Chevalier, chose to give Bronny more playing time while bumping Zaire off the starting lineup. This led to the haters commenting on social media regarding his position. One user wrote, “Zaire Wade [is] a senior and he [doesn’t] even start. Mans not going to [Division 1 school].”

“All the attention, social media, everybody, they really just be hating,” Zaire said in the teaser, according to People. “They pray on my downfall.” This marked the first year in his high school career that Wade’s eldest son was not a part of the starting lineup.

“It’s just challenging, it’s mentally challenging because it can break you, not getting the playing time you want,” Dwyane said of his son’s challenges. He continued to describe about the hardships hoop stars face as their skills and potential are molded in the public eye. “It can break you beyond the court. Not getting a shot for three, four, five, six, seven, eight minutes. Injuries can break you. For me, I want to see what he’s made of,” he said.

In October, “The Salt Lake Tribune” reported on Zaire being drafted to minor league team Salt Lake City Stars. Fans took notice that the 20-year-old start just so happened to be on a team that’s part of a sports franchise partially owned by his famous father. Earlier this year, it was announced that Dwayne was joining the ownership team for Real Salt Lake of the Major League Soccer, according to Sports Illustrated.

Dwayne also has stake in the Utah Jazz and is part owner of the team.“I think I just want people to know—first of all, I’m extremely blessed to have this opportunity from the Stars to even want to take interest in me,” Zaire said. “I know I’m a young guy to develop.” He added, “Nothing’s handed to me.“ Coach said he noticed after the first day I stepped here, I’m just working hard trying to earn everything myself. I’m trying to make a name for myself. So I think that’s what people should know.”