Two individuals who allegedly helped to conspire the murder of Jam Master Jay may take the stand during the suspected killers’ trial. According to AllHipHop, the co-conspirators are expected to testify against murder suspects Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan.

Washington and Jordan were charged with first-degree murder in connection with the fatal shooting of the Run-DMC legend. Prosecutors claim they confronted the rapper at his studio after he cut Washington out of a drug deal. They believe Washington pointed his gun at eyewitnesses, while Jordan pulled the life-ending trigger. Jordan, who was also accused of intimidating witnesses in the case, has since maintained his innocence.

In a recent court hearing, Jordan claimed to have an alibi that would absolve him of the allegations and prove he was at his ex-girlfriend’s house when the murder was committed. He said his ex-girlfriend and a former corrections officer will testify on his behalf when the trial begins. He also asked to be released on bail, noting he collected $1 million with help from his family members and his friends.

Per United States Attorney Breon Peace, Jordan’s request was eventually denied given the upcoming testimonies from his alibi witnesses and the co-conspirators.

“The evidence adduced at trial will be substantial, including eyewitness and co-conspirator testimony establishing Jordan’s relationship with Washington, his involvement in the underlying narcotics conspiracy, and his role as Mizell’s shooter,” Peace wrote in a statement. “While Jordan claims that there is little evidence linking him to Mizell’s murder, he ignores the fact that a grand jury has heard evidence – twice – and voted an indictment charging him with these crimes.”

Though prosecutors are fighting hard to prove the suspected killers were behind Jam Master Jay’s death, they have no intention to pursue the death penalty. The murder trial for Washington and Jordan is expected to last roughly two weeks.