It’s been a few years since Solo Jaxon released the well-received EP Everything Is Necessary, which contained seven dope cuts and zero features. Since then, the Little Rock, AK emcee has continued to release top tier singles like “They Not Me,” “Seeing Is Believing,” “Doa,” and “Telfar.” Earlier this month, Jaxon added to that with “Winners & Bosses,” an Ezreaux-produced banger that perfect for anyone in need of some inspiration:

“Can’t let ’em take me out the spot, I been hustlin’, Milwaukee, how I got them bucks in, my dogs really like my brothers, seen it all, I ain’t scared of nothin’, the one, doin’ numbers, hunnid summers, they ain’t wit’ us, they runnin’ from us, came up from the gutter, they’ll never love us, swear to stick to the code and put one for the winners and bosses, liquor for the losses, water for the loyalty, kill ’em if they cross us…”

Courtesy of Jonathan Benavente comes a matching visual that sees Solo Jaxon working out, getting a shape up, and delivering his hard-hitting bars in different outside locations. Footage of the rapper are also interspersed with snaps of others, presumed to be family, friends, and locals from his hometown.

Next month, Jaxon will unveil the six-song EP GODBODY, which will feature a single assist from Miami star Sylvan LaCue. The project will also house the recently released single “Good,” another quality drop that sees production from GoCrazyIdle and was preceded by the following message on social media:

Can’t make records like these & not practice what you preach. When shit get real its only cause u got big blessings on the other side. God, the universe, whoever u believe in just gotta test ya faith & see if you ready for what you been praying for. Half the test is realizing you in one. The other half is applying the lessons you been learning & moving like you ‘posed to. You already got the answers.”

With that, you can check out both “Good” and “Winners & Bosses” below.