On March 4, Diplo is set to release his forthcoming solo album, and this week he has dropped off another taste from it. On the newly released “Don’t Forget My Love” track, Diplo recruited Miguel to lend a hand with his smooth vocals. The song sees Miguel delivering lyrics about feeling the undeniable familiarity of your one and only lover as he glides over some strong piano keys:

Remember the feeling of my fingertips on your skin? And the way that our kisses taste sweeter by the drinking, and the way that I rage into your love, why you breathe me in? Just so you can feel me with your way when I’m not around

Don’t forget my love, don’t forget my love, don’t forget my love/ Tantrum, set fire, two dice, we roll, excite, your eyes, inhale the love/ Play in the dark, rules break, why pretend? We take what we can, we ride ’til the end, ’til the sun/ Push that weight on me like a fiend, let’s rage in the moonlight, calm, like a shot rings out in the darkness

Diplo will also include the previously released singles “Don’t Be Afraid” featuring Jungle and Damian Lazarus, “One By One” featuring Elderbrook and Andhim, “Looking For Me,” “Promises” with Paul Woolford, and “On My Mind” with SIDEPIECE on the project. The album will feature assists from Lil Yachty, Busta Rhymes, Leon Bridges, Aluna, and others.

In Miguel-related news, the R&B favorite made headlines earlier this week as he and his longtime lover Nazanin Mandi got back together after their break up last year. On the music front, Miguel unveiled the fourth installment of his Art Dealer Chic series back in April, which sees four genre-bending songs from the veteran artist.

Be sure to press play on Diplo’s brand new single with Miguel titled “Don’t Forget My Love” down below.