TikTok is facing backlash following their alleged neglect of Black creators at their Black History Month celebration. On Wednesday (Feb. 8), the social media platform conducted an exclusive Zoom chat featuring Nicki Minaj. Hundreds of influencers from the app were invited to join, but with an alleged cap of 300 people, only a fraction was allowed into the event. The lucky participants engaged in a Q&A session with Nicki, but according to many of the Black attendees, they were given fewer opportunities to ask the rapper questions compared to their non-Black counterparts.

Enraged by the blind eye turned to Black creators during a Black History Month event, many of the influencers took to social media to vent their frustrations. “I don’t know why I’m surprised non-black creators felt entitled to steal a spot into the TikTok Black creator meet-up with Nicki Minaj for Black History month,” said Black creator Niccoya . “ It’s almost as if they steal our dances, trends, and content why would they stop at our invites?”

In another tweet, @reisdentshawol shared her discontent with a particular question asked by one of the non-Black influencers. “I really can’t believe a non-black Tik tok creator asked Nicki Minaj what it’s like to be a Black woman TF?! I’m honestly upset for the black TikTok creators who went to this meeting/event.”

With the influx of reactions from Black TikTokers, Nicki got wind of the tweets and promised to make it up with another event.

“I hear you guys. I heard what y’all were saying and let me see if I can schedule something else for you guys,” Nicki said on Instagram. “Trust me, I heard y’all loud and clear.” Her response was met by praise from the Black creators.

“I hate the event had to go the way it did, but thank you Nicki Minaj for giving us amazing advice as black creators and supporting us on the platform,” Niccoya tweeted.

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