Just last week, Sada Baby gifted his fans and dropped off his “Sada Wada” visual. He wasted no time getting back to work as he circled back around to share “Perfect Form Skub” just a few days later. The video arrives courtesy of Kash World Productions and sees Sada in his zone with his crew as they vibe out to his signature flow:

Pop another perc, you know I listen, pop another perc, I can’t leave I gotta work/ If a n***a disrespect me for respect, he eatin’ the dirt/ Yeah he eatin’ dirt, put his bitch ass on a shirt/

Sada is oftentimes a man of a few words when it comes to captions that accompany his new visuals, but this time, he had something to say: “I’ll never lie on my daddy name I just wanted to get y’all attention to drop the video I really wanted to drop, ‘Perfect Form Skub.’ Pay attention to the lyrics I might explain some shit y’all been wondering about, if you Kaint figure it out sooner or later you’ll be able to put yo finger on it.”

The rapper scored his major win in 2020 when he landed himself his biggest hit to date with the his infectious cut and “Whoomp! (There It Is)”-sampling “Whole Lotta Choppas.” The song was gaining lots of traction on its own but has since seen a big upgrade thanks to Nicki Minaj hopping the infectious remix. In addition, the Detroit rising star delivered the 2020 drops Skuba Sada 2 and Bartier County 2, both of which are official respective follow-ups to their 2017 and 2019 predecessors.

Be sure to press play on Sada Baby’s official new music video for “Perfect Form Skub” down below.+-------------------------------------------+ | embed (youtube) |