Lizzo is making her momma proud.

In a recent Instagram post, the “Truth Hurts” artist lets fans see her mom’s reaction to her latest song.

“This is the first time I played my new music for my momma – I was nervous to post this!” the 33-year-old wrote in the caption. “But just know: if the ones you love support you – THATS ALL U NEED. It’s been a long journey YALL… but I think it’s about that time.”

Within the video, Lizzo and her momma sing along to the song and groove with another passenger in the backseat.

In case nobody told you today, you’re special/ in case nobody made you believe, you’re special/ well, I will always love you the same, you’re special,” Lizzo sings.

On her Instagram Stories, Lizzo explained how gratifying it is for her mom to approve of her music.

“I’ve always wanted to make my momma proud,” Lizzo said. “Today was her first time hearing my new music. She told me she has always been proud of me — even in my crazy rock star sleeping in my car days. She always made me feel special. In case nobody told you yet, you’re special. Keep going. I’m proud of you.”

The song, which has not been released on streaming platforms yet, is also featured in Logitech’s new “Defy Logic” campaign.

A commercial featuring the Grammy-winning artist and her special song debuted this week.

Speaking with Forbes about the campaign, Lizzo said the visual advertisement made her feel like “Alice in Wonderland … the analog girl in a digital, literal world.”

“It’s like this whole really cool rabbit hole of an experience about the world that we’re building digitally,” Lizzo told the outlet. “I feel like I definitely represent a lot of the ‘new’ version of things. The new beauty standard, the new pop star, the new rule breaker, and how there’s just no rules anymore. I definitely identify with and represent those things, and it was nice to align myself with a campaign that was here to break the rules with me.”

Check out Lizzo singing with her momma and her new Logitech commercial below: