/  01.26.2022

Fans are calling for Coachella to book Travis Scott to perform at next year’s festival.

The petition, which was created by James Connors on Change.org, has reached nearly 70,000 signatures. “Book Travis for 2023 or have Ye bring him out! After Coachella unfairly removed Travis Scott for Harry Styles, they need to do the right thing and rebook him immediately,” it read. “Coachella switched Travis and Frank for Harry Styles and Billie Eilish? What kind of message does that send? Fans are demanding refunds and selling their tickets. Coachella needs to fix this asap.”

The petition added, “We all know Astroworld tragedy wasn’t Travis’ fault. Let him get back to performing on the biggest stages!”

As REVOLT previously reported, last November, 10 people — including a 9-year-old boy — passed away as a result of injuries they sustained at Scott’s annual Astroworld Festival. As the “Highest In The Room” rapper took the stage to perform, the crowd of more than 50,000 people surged toward the stage, leaving people unable to move or breathe. According to a medical examiner’s report, all 10 victims died from compression asphyxia, which occurs when air is cut off from the body due to external pressure.

Scott is now facing billions of dollars in lawsuits for wrongful death and negligence. Lawyers for the victims’ families say the Houston rapper is responsible for the tragedy that occurred. “We will roll over every rock in this matter,” said attorney Brent Coon, who is representing over 1,500 Astroworld Festival attendees. “Everyone associated with these types of events has the power to halt conduct that is resulting in injury to attendees. It has been terribly disappointing that some defendants have already gone public misstating and downplaying their responsibilities that attach to events such as this. Anyone involved can at least temporarily stop an event when safety becomes a serious issue. The fact that not a single company or individual involved in this incident ever made an effort to do so here, when it was readily apparent things were out of hand, is shameful.”

Last month, Scott asked to be dismissed from the lawsuits. The “Sicko Mode” emcee issued a “general denial,” meaning that he does not believe the deaths and injuries that took place during his event were his responsibility.

If you would like to sign the petition for Coachella to rebook Scott, click here.