2021 was certainly overwhelming for many of us with the spread of different COVID-19 variants and the loss of many icons and public figures. One thing that nobody was really expecting to happen was the senseless murder of Young Dolph. The rap game has lost so many gems through recent years and Dolph’s untimely demise cut deep. Being a devoted family man, business man, a pillar in his community and much more, Dolph inspired so many of those around him and others across the globe. His beloved record label Paper Route Empire (PRE) of course had to cook up something special for him. Today (Jan. 21) in Young Dolph’s honor, PRE drops off their tribute album Long Live Dolph.

Accompanying the announcement was the album’s first single, “Long Live Dolph,” by Jay Fizzle. The track pairs a mournful piano loop and a stirring vocal breakdown with Jay Fizzle’s raw, heartbroken verses about his late friend and peer: “I fuck up plenty times, but you ain’t never threaten to cut me off/Always had my back and everybody know I wanted to be like Dolph/The way I talk, the way I walk, the way I act, the way I dress/The way I do my thang up in the booth, I learned it from the best.”

Additionally, Key Glock made a valiant effort on his “Proud” single. The Memphis rapper is clearly still hurting in the video but he delivers effortlessly over the uptempo beat while honoring his late cousin and label mate: “I lost my dog, I lost my mind, no lie I’m really lost inside/I can get it back in blood but still I can’t get back the time.” Though Young Dolph isn’t here with us physically, his spirit and legacy will live on forever. Check out Long Live Dolph now!