Last week, 50 Cent unveiled a crazy new single titled “Power Powder Respect,” which features assistance from Lil Durk and Jeremih and sees production from BongoByTheWay. The track serves as the official theme song for “Power Book IV: Force,” the latest expansion of the Goliath-esque “Power” television series that kicks off next month. Presumably taking inspiration from the show’s lead character (Joseph Sikora’s ruthless Tommy Egan), the trio can be heard rapping and singing about the unforgiving street life:

“All the niggas looked up to me, you can tell I got rank, federal time, just to survive they’ll pass you a shank, ain’t invoke, tell them “Free Larry” and tryna pardon his case, when you black and rich, they be slick and tryna target your race, street niggas never ‘lone, we in the streets and I win, ridin’ strikers inside the chest, they be changin’ the wind, my brothers chasin’ that high, got brothers life in the pen, got loyal fees for the fam…”

The accompanying visual for “Power Powder Respect” comes courtesy of STARZ and G-Unit Film & Television and sees direction from Eif Rivera. The video begins with Jeremih getting drinks at a bar before a cameo-making Sikora gets up and moves to the back where 50 Cent is enjoying a game of chess — Lil Durk can later be seen making his appearance nearby. All of this is interspersed with shots of “Power Book IV,” effectively becoming a preview of sorts for fans to enjoy.

In regards to “Power” theme songs, “Power Powder Respect” follows 50 Cent‘s “Part of the Game” with NLE Choppa and Rileyy Lanez, which was used for “Power Book III: Raising Kanan.” Prior to that, 50 Cent and Joe’s “Big Rich Town” served as the opening soundscape for the original “Power” series and “Power Book II: Ghost,” and currently stands as the most popular to date.

Press play on the visual for “Power Powder Respect” below.