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  /  01.17.2022

Atlanta rapper Lil Gnar incited reactions from Twitters users when he deemed Future a better emcee than the late Tupac Shakur.

On Friday (Jan. 14), the “Not Your Speed” emcee took to the social media platform and penned the following tweet: “Future better den Tupac easy.” Much like any controversial opinion, the post was met with reactions from music fans, who chimed in to share their own thoughts.

Lil Gnar really said Future better than Tupac y’all say anything for clout,” wrote Twitter user @gun_go_brr.

“Future waaay better than Tupac yall just bein some oldheads,” argued Pluto fan @sonthalegend.

Music lover @mavindblaze — a fan of both rappers — claimed that the comparison was a joke. “Man, I love future but yall must be joking to be comparing him to Tupac,” he wrote.

@prodbydon_ sided with Future and declared that more trap stars should be featured in “favorite rapper lists. “Why are niggas acting like Future ain’t better than Tupac, like it’s impossible for someone to like Future better since they grew up with trap more than 90’s lmao,” he wrote. “Imo future > pac but it’s so different and idk why we don’t validate trap artists more in favorite rapper lists.”

Though Lil Durk didn’t chime in on this recent conversation, he previously shared similar sentiments to Gnar, tweeting that Future was the “modern-day 2Pac.”

Lil Gnar’s comments about Future come roughly a month after Hendrixx compared his street status to that of JAY-Z’s. “In the streets, I’m bigger than Jigga, Ima run me a B up easy,” Future wrote. Days later, the “Life is Good” star suggested that he could even take Hov on in a Verzuz battle. After “Big Facts” podcast co-host and Atlanta native Big Bank said that “errrybody in Atlanta feels like Pluto can win a Verzuz against Hov,” Future quietly agreed by sharing the post to his own Instagram Story.

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