Students across the country have staged a walkout in protest of COVID-19 conditions in their schools.

On Friday (Jan. 14), students in Boston, New York City, Chicago and more left their classrooms to demand that local leaders do more to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in schools by enforcing a two-week period for remote learning, sufficient technology for remote learning, proper Personal Protective Equipment for teachers and the dissolution of some standardized testing.

“We will then stand there for exactly 10 minutes, one minute for every hundred thousand new COVID-19 cases found on the 2nd of January,” according to a post from the Massachusetts COVID Walkout Instagram page.

After the walkout, the students held a webinar to discuss their apprehensions about how the pandemic has been handled in schools.

Boston Public Schools told ABC News that it “believes deeply in students advocating for what they believe in.”

“We further believe it is critically important that we encourage and support them in expressing their concerns, beliefs and positions to their leaders,” the statement said. “We will continue to listen to our students and families as we navigate this latest surge and the impacts it has on our ability to remain in person and deliver a quality education.”

Students in Chicago left their classes on Friday and walked toward the administrative offices of the Chicago Public School District. The walkout comes just days after school was canceled because the of Chicago Teachers Union’s concerns over surging COVID cases after the holiday break. The pupils chanted, “No more oppression, change is now in session!” and “Si, se puede,” or “Yes, we can.”

In a statement, Chicago Public Schools said it “remains committed to fostering learning environments that allow students to respectfully deliberate issues with evidence and an open mind – and safely participate in civic action.”