Ayesha Curry is responding to rumors that she and her longtime husband, Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, have an open relationship.

On Monday (Jan. 10), Ayesha shared an Instagram post gushing over Steph’s recent GQ cover shoot, which led one user to claim the couple has an open marriage.

“Good gracious God almighty,” the cook book author captioned her post. “[Steph Curry]… my baby’s GQ cover shoot.”

“But you still want an open relationship smh,” one follower commented on the post. “If I were him you woulda been sent to the streets already.”

Ayesha quickly shut down the rumor, responding to the user, “Don’t believe everything you read.”

“Do you know how ridiculous that is?” she continued. “Don’t disrespect my marriage like that. Please and thank you.”

The comment and Ayesha’s response have since been removed from the post, but a screenshot of the exchange began circulating on social media late Monday night.

Rumors about Steph and Ayesha’s allegedly open marriage began last month with a report from gossip news site Deuxmoi.

“Have it on good authority that this well-known NBA couple aren’t as faithful in love as their social media and image make them out to be,” the platform wrote in an Instagram post about the Currys. “They both have side hookups and flings, but keep it very private to keep up the perfect family image they show to the world. I was shocked to learn [as] they’ve been together for so long.”

Many fans were surprised by the rumor. Back in September, the couple celebrated 10 years of marriage by renewing their vows. Their 9-year-old daughter Riley officiated the ceremony while their younger sons Ryan and Canon walked their mom down the aisle.

“A couple of weeks ago [Steph Curry] surprised me with the most beautiful vow renewal ceremony,” Ayesha revealed on Instagram at the time. “He even picked out my dress for me and had it waiting. It’s everything I’ve always dreamed of but didn’t know could be possible in this way. A moment I will never forget. I love you [Steph].”

See the exchange between Ayesha and the Instagram user below.