The “Power” universe continues. On Feb. 6, the latest spin-off from the well-loved STARZ’s show will officially arrive titled “Power Book IV: Force,” which sees Tommy Egan, played by Joseph Sikora, in the spotlight as the lead role. Other spin-offs include “Power Book II: Ghost,” “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” and “Power Book V: Influence.”

“New York is over…this my chance,” Tommy says in the new teaser. The new show will see Tommy making his way through his new life in Chicago. Elsewhere in the clip later shows Tommy having issues with drug dealers, and Sikora shared with People that his character is “lost” in the series, knowing he can’t return to New York and having to start new. He leaves New York behind and heads to Chicago, even though he’s warned by a character in the trailer that Chicago might not be the best choice for him.

Ahead of the show’s season two premiere, AllHipHop caught up with two of “Power Book II’”s biggest stars, Method Man and Mary J. Blige. In the interview, Method Man talks about reuniting with Mary J. Blige, who plays the fierce matriarch Monet Tejada. “It’s no feeling like this in the world to be doing something for so long and to still reap the benefits of your work. I won a Grammy in ‘95 with Mary J. Blige for music,” he said. “And then, I won an NAACP Award with Mary J. Blige for acting. It gets no better than that.”

Meanwhile, “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” series focuses on the early beginnings of Kanan Stark’s life in Southside Jamaica, Queens. It was previously stated that the “Power” universe will be modelled after the Marvel cinematic universe with the spin-offs’ different characters coming in and out of other shows.

Be sure to press play on “Power Book IV: Force” official trailer down below.