S1 E51 | Lil Duval, Sukihana, Project Pat, Big Homies House & Lil Scrappy


S1 E51 | Lil Duval, Sukihana, Project Pat, Big Homies House & Lil Scrappy


Hosts Big Bank and DJ Scream started the new year off strong by treating fans to an extra special celebrity jammed-packed live taping of the “Big Facts” podcast. Several people stopped by to chop it up including funnyman Lil Duval, rapper and reality star Sukihana, and the legendary Project Pat.

But, first burgeoning podcast “Big Homies House” with hosts Hood Rich Kodaq and JoJo, opened up the show with a game they called “Facts or Cap,” which included questions like whether a 30-year-old man without kids is a red flag. The two co-hosts were joined by guests Lil Scrappy, Coco, and with plenty of commentary from audience members.

Former “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star Sukihana was the first guest to drop by. The sex-positive rapper spoke about some of the obstacles she’s faced maneuvering throughout the entertainment industry both as a reality star and rising female emcee.

“I ain’t gone lie. I’ma keep it real with y’all. I think the biggest obstacle is colorism, and I’ma just tell y’all the truth ’cause I would like to laugh and kiki with y’all, but colorism is one of the biggest obstacles that, not just myself, but a lot of women in this industry go through,” the 30-year-old shared.

When asked to elaborate, Sukihana said that many people like to “ignore” the issue due to a false narrative that claims its effect doesn’t harm Black women. However, the star argued, “It does affect us, and that’s not playing the victim role.”

She continued, “People think when people cry about colorism, they play victim, but this shit is real. People will overlook you for somebody of a lighter color, a more slender nose, you know, a more European look. People will look over your talent and give you exact talent to them and say go out there and act like Suki. Talk about sucking dicks, be sexually liberated, you feel me? Be ratchet like her.”

Suki claimed that labels would even instruct artists to look to her for inspiration. Still, she doesn’t let that deter her from achieving her goals, telling the hosts, “I ain’t never crying because I’ma get this money regardless.”

She added, “There’s a lot of doors that I’ve broken down. It’s a lot of people that look up to me that look just like me, you feel me? So, I want to inspire my sisters and motivate them, so we all get this money.”

Suki shared that she recently left her hometown of Miami to move to Atlanta after pivoting her focus primarily on her music career. The rising artist shared some of her female musical inspirations including Nicki Minaj, Trina, Khia, Lil Kim, and Cardi B, whom Suki noted co-signed her earlier in her career.

Later on, Project Pat joined the stage, and the group got straight into the record currently heating the streets, “Knife Talk.” The Metro Boomin-produced single off Drake’s latest album, Certified Lover Boy, features 21 Savage and the Three 6 Mafia co-founder.

Pat talked about how the collaboration came about by revealing that the song was initially supposed to appear on a 21 Savage album but never made the cut—Pat’s verse was already attached to the track. “When he had got in touch with our people about it when Drake was going to do it, man, we was super excited,” he explained.

This past December, Three 6 and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony gathered for another installment of Verzuz. However, a fight broke out during the musical showcase after Bizzy Bone allegedly threw a water bottle toward Three 6’s side of the stage, and words were exchanged. Pat attempted to elaborate on the now-infamous altercation. The Memphis native admitted that he was actually unsure how the whole fiasco even started and, at one point, believed that it was planned.

“I don’t know, man. I just came out there, and like I thought this: I thought for a minute, it was staged,” Pat shared. “I was behind the stage—they was going to bring me out as a guest—I just walked out. When I walked out, it was basically over, but when I seen it, you know, for what it was, I was like, ‘Wow.’”

Still, the “Chickenhead” emcee said that he heard it was the best Verzuz yet — a hot take DJ Scream co-signed despite the technical difficulties that took place.

Pat later opened up about his feuds in the entertainment industry, telling the hosts, “I have been in more shootouts in the rap game than I was in the street gang and over nothing” before detailing a minor verbal request that nearly turned fatal one night for him and an associate.

“You know a lot of dudes… they looking at TV…. ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and think you can hang out the window and do some popping, but you gone hurt an innocent person. That ain’t gone work like that,” he added.

“Big Facts” brought its live presentation to an end with its final guest, Lil Duval, who shared his thoughts on Instagram deleting his accounts. The “Meet the Blacks” actor thinks it’s part of a plan to censor users — an issue he believes is much bigger than him losing access to a couple of social media profiles.

“It’s kind of what’s going on with everybody in our culture. [I] feel like what we’re going through now is what [Uncle] Luke was fighting for back in the day with censorship and that parental advisory,” Duval said. “That’s what we’re going through with social media right now, and that’s what’s going on with me. I’m just the biggest one that people see, and it’s just a trickle-down effect because it’s been going on on Facebook before this. It’s just now hitting Instagram.” Duval added that this type of restriction is to be expected as a comedian.

When asked whether he believes the world has gotten more sensitive to certain content — with Dave Chappelle and his recent Netflix special, “The Closer” being a point of reference — Duval said that’s just another aspect of comedy.

“I think that comes with it. That’s what comes with standup,” he explained. “They keep canceling, but they don’t stop them. That’s what I deal with. When I get up there, I already know somebody will get offended. I don’t intentionally offend people, but, hey, hit dogs hollering — people don’t like to be embarrassed.”

The show ended with a couple of questions from audience members. Like always, if you liked what you heard, be sure to stay tuned every week for new episodes of “Big Facts.” Also, don’t forget to watch the latest show above!