Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will not be prosecuted for allegedly groping his ex-aide.

On Tuesday (Jan. 4), Albany County District Attorney David Soares released a statement asking for the criminal charges — that were filed back in October — to be dismissed. “While we found the complainant in this case cooperative and credible, after review of all the available evidence, we have concluded that we cannot meet our burden at trial,” Soares said, adding that he was “deeply troubled” by the allegation.

“While many have an opinion regarding the allegations against the former governor, the Albany County DA’s Office is the only one who has a burden to prove the elements of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt,” the district attorney added.

As REVOLT previously reported, last year, Cuomo was hit with a misdemeanor sex crime charge for allegedly groping his former aide in the governor’s Executive Mansion in Albany back in 2020. The complaint said that the ex-governor intentionally, “and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim …. and onto her intimate body party. Specifically, the victim’s left breast for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his sexual desires.”

More than 10 women came forward accusing Cuomo of sexual harassment. He admitted to making inappropriate jokes and giving out hugs and kisses, but he denied sexually harassing anyone.

Cuomo ultimately resigned from his position as governor so that he would not be a distraction from real issues transpiring in the state. “New York tough means New York loving, and I love New York and I love you,” he previously said. “I would never want to be unhelpful in any way, and I think given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let the government get back to governing, and therefore, that’s what I’ll do.”

Last week, Westchester District Attorney Miriam Rocah announced that Cuomo would not face criminal charges for allegedly assaulting two different women due to the statutory laws of New York. However, Rocah said they believe the women’s claims were “credible” on both occasions.