Around this time last year, Hip Hop legend KRS-One shared his Between Da Protests project, a 13-track body of work that aimed to empower. This week, he makes his return with his brand new “The Beginning” single and pairs the release with the exciting announcement that a new album is slated to arrive soon. On the track, KRS makes sure to let people know he’s still the one:

These wack rappers, fuck who they are, KRS is like a hooligan, hittin’ em all with the same bars/ Hooligans, hittin em with the same bars, yo wack style just ain’t ours, Venus to Mars/ I’m teaching with bars, spitting these bars

But youngins under 21 can’t even get into these bars, so I don’t blame em if they not seeing these bars/ ‘Cause when I hit em with my universe all they seeing is stars

The legendary rapper also recently made headlines not too long ago thanks to an epic night facing off with fellow legend Big Daddy Kane in a Verzuz battle. There were many memorable moments, and at one point, KRS-One even broke out “The Bridge Is Over,” an iconic diss track that was aimed at the Juice Crew.

KRS-One took over the game as a part of Boogie Down Productions with D-Nice and Scott La Rock (RIP) — his first solo release, Return of the Boom Bap, arrived in 1993. It didn’t take long to confirm his standing amongst the greatest, thanks to the top three Billboard effort I Got Next arriving four years later. Over the course of his next few projects — Sneak Attack, The Mix Tape, D.I.G.I.T.A.L., Kristyles, and more — KRS-One would further cement his legacy in the game.

Be sure to press play on KRS-One’s brand new “The Beginning” single down below and keep an eye out for his new album coming soon.