Cardi B is standing up for fellow New York femcee Lil Kim, who has long been a target of social media hate.

On Tuesday (Dec. 21), the Bronx star hopped on Twitter and came across a tweet mentioning the harsh criticism faced by the Queen Bee.

“Watching @LilKimget bullied, mocked, and disrespected by thousands of people online is really upsetting,” the post read. “The other day, it was because of her halftime performance and now, it’s because of a role she played in a movie (Miracles Across 125th Street).”

“At what point will this weird hate bandwagon for Lil’ Kim end?” the user questioned, prompting an empathetic response from the “Money” emcee, who took the opportunity to call out cyber bullies who have criticized the Queen Bee over the years.

“I’m tired of it and it’s heartbreaking…She’s is so sweet, supportive and a REAL FUCKIN LEGEND,” Cardi wrote, recalling memories of the times she played Kim’s “Fuck You” while feuding with other women.

In another tweet, she claimed that her defensive post stems from her own experience being the victim of cyberbullying and disrespect. “Before a artist, I am a woman wit feelings and I know how much it hurts to constantly get picked on, she tweeted.

As Cardi expressed her thoughts, a fan suggested that a collaboration would be a “beneficial” way to support Lil Kim. Though she didn’t turn down the idea, she explained that a Cardi and Kim song would come “at the right time.”

“When I collab wit her is going to be at the right time & the right song,” penned the “I Like It” star. “I don’t rush BIG MOMENTS!”

“Until I have the right song for a artist I’m not going to rush it cause if the song don’t make sense and it don’t do good then I will feel terrible,” Cardi explained further. Look at her posts below.