As COVID-19 cases rise and cause concern across the country, Bow Wow is taking precautionary measures and ceasing outdoor activities. On Tuesday (Dec. 21), the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star told fans that he canceled his New Year’s Eve plans and will cut down on traveling to keep safe from the highly contagious virus.

“I don’t think I’m traveling no soon… if I do it’s by tour bus only!” he wrote in his Instagram Story. “Was [supposed] to go out of town for NYE, but I’ma make the exec decision and cancel that! I ain’t tryna get sick, and I can’t get my daughter sick either!”

As someone who’s been COVID-free since the start of the pandemic, Bow Wow added that he doesn’t “plan on catching it,” and issued a message to followers who are also hoping to stay clear of the virus.

“[COVID-19 is] back and it’s sweeping niggas too. Listen, wear your masks, protect yourself,” he said before advising them to just stay inside.

“Look, ain’t nothing outside anyway,” Bow Wow explained. “It’s the same shit, same people when you go to the club every week. You’re not missing anything. Stay your ass at home, protect yourself, watch some Netflix… stay in the house.”

Bow’s cautionary message follows reports that the Omicron variant has become the most dominant strain of COVID-19, accounting for more than 73% cases since the first U.S. case was detected 20 days ago. In the days following, numerous celebrities have tested positive or been exposed to the virus. New restrictions and cancelations have also been announced in various cities with hopes to limit its spread. Most recently, Broadway shows in New York City were postponed due to the COVID-19 spike. The Jingle Ball in Florida was also called off following the rise of cases.