Wiz Khalifa is proposing some possible ways to end violence in the hip hop community. On Sunday (Dec. 19), after news spread of Drakeo the Ruler’s tragic passing, the “See You Again” rapper called on his peers to show love and treat each other as they expect to be treated.

“As entertainers, let’s try some shit next year,” he tweeted. “Minding our own business. Not disrespecting each other’s family, dead homies or area they come from. Stop using someone else’s significant other as a one-up to the other person. Actually showing the same love you expect to get.”

“Not sayın any of these are a direct cause of violence,” he went on. “But changin em could help.”

Wiz Khalifa’s message follows the death of Drakeo, who was attacked during the Once Upon A Time in LA Festival on Saturday (Dec. 18). According to news outlets, a group of people backstage stabbed the West Coast emcee, who was taken to hospital and listed in critical condition. He died hours later.

The news of Drakeo’s passing has since been met with heartfelt tributes, including one from Snoop Dogg, who was set to headline the Los Angeles event.

“I’m not with anything negative and as one of the many performers, I was there to spread positive vibes only to my city of LA,” he wrote in an Instagram post.“Last night I was in my dressing room when I was informed about the incident and chose to immediately leave the festival grounds.”

Like Wiz, Snoop encouraged everyone to spread love. “My prayers go out to everyone affected by the tragedy,” the Def Jam consultant continued. “Please take care, love one another and stay safe y’all. I’M PRAYING FOR PEACE IN HIP HOP.”

Look below to see Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg‘s posts.