Remy Ma is returning to her battle rap roots. The Bronx, New York bred emcee recently announced that she is starting her own battle rap league for women dubbed Chrome 23.

While speaking with battle rap media outlet OTFMZ, Remy explained that Chrome 23 stands for “Chromosome 23” — the pair of X and Y chromosomes that determines a person’s sex.

“I want all the women that have ever put their blood, sweat and tears into this, that’s been doing this for years to get a chance to really make some decent money,” she told the hosts.

Remy previously announced that she would be hosting her battle rap event for the ladies on February 12, 2022. She told OTFMZ that her endeavor isn’t about glorifying her own skills or putting other rap battle leagues out of business. She’s open to collaboration, but won’t tolerate “anybody that has anything negative to say.”

“Y’all are more than welcome to donate to the cause,” she said. “It’s costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it out of my pocket and out of the favors that I’m calling in, so you’re welcome to come in and assist.”

“I’m not doing this because of me, I’m not trying to be cocky or nothing. I’m rich, I really am,” she added.

Although Chrome 23 a.k.a. C23 is a platform for women, the “Lean Back” rapper said she’s received encouragement and approval from members of the opposite sex. “Every dude that I’ve spoken to has been one hundred and fifty percent,” she said. “They all feel the same way and they’re very, very supportive.” When asked whether men can compete in Chrome 23, Remy replied: “It’s a female league but, ya know, the guys could come over. We’ll let them come over sometimes.”

In addition to hosting one-off head-to-head matchups within the league, Remy mentioned that she’s open to expanding the idea and taking her show on the road with a battle rap tour: “I’m trying to think of every way we can get money and work less,” she said.

Heavy hitters such as Ms. Hustle, 40 B.A.R.R.S., and Jaz the Rapper, among others, have already been announced to appear at Remy’s first event in February, AllHipHop reports.

Check out Remy Ma’s interview with OTFMZ battle rap media below