A few months ago, the legendary Ne-Yo celebrated the 15-year anniversary of his debut album In My Own Word s by releasing a deluxe version of the body of work. He then followed up in September with his “What If” single. This month, Ne-Yo presented his newest offering, a brand new collaboration with Yung Bleu titled “Stay Down.”

The two are back this week to present the storyline-driven visual. In the video, Ne-Yo and his female accomplice pull off a smooth high-stakes heist at an upscale jewelry store. While resting after a job well done, water slowly floods their post-robbery hideaway as Ne-Yo sings about the importance of loyalty:

My last, I’ll split it partner in crime, I’m wit it/ I’ll tell the judge I did it, just put something on my books, come visit/ I know you would do the same for me, I know that if anybody came for me/ I know it ain’t a thang to bang for me/ Need you to know that it’s the same for me, more than a homie

Don’t nobody know me better than you, how to get me back togеther like you/ When I fall apart likе I always do I ain’t never not knew who to run to

Back in March, Ne-Yo released In My Own Words (Deluxe), which boasted several additional bonus tracks, including previously retail exclusive track “Girlfriend,” “Stay (Remix)” featuring Rick Ross (which was released on the Japanese version of In My Own Words), two live acoustic performances of the hit singles “So Sick” and “Sexy Love,” and two instrumentals (“So Sick” and “When You’re Mad”). Within the last few months, Ne-Yo shared his “U 2 Luv” single and then circled back to drop its remix with Lil Durk and Queen Naija shortly after. He released his last new body of work back in 2019 when he spread some early holiday cheer with his Another Kind of Christmas album.

Be sure to press play on Ne-Yo’s brand new music video for “Stay Down” featuring Yung Bleu down below.+-------------------------------------------+ | embed (youtube) |