Beyoncé is officially on TikTok. On Thursday night (Dec. 16), social media users noticed what appeared to be a verified account for the singer. TIDAL later confirmed the legitimacy of the account on Twitter, letting fans know that Bey had “entered the chat.” The star’s record label Sony Music also announced Beyoncé’s arrival on the app, crowning her “the new queen of TikTok.”

Despite the absence of any posts, fans immediately took to the social media platform to follow Bey’s recently-launched TikTok account. As of this story, she has already garnered more than 175,000 followers, most of whom believe her newfound presence on TikTok is an indication of some new music on the way. The term “Beyoncé is coming” has since become a trending topic on Twitter.

“RETURN THEM MF CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. GET YOUR COINS READY,” wrote @TheTerriDiaries, a fan of the Houston native. “BEYONCÉ. IS. COMING.”

Beyoncé is on tiktok,” added @BeyriahsVocals. “She’s coming and I don’t care if I’m being delusional.”

In another tweet about Bey’s TikTok, user @voguexcarter issued a warning to music fans and other women in the industry.

“It was nice for the girls but beyoncé is officially coming to destroy the music industry with her massive comeback,” she penned in a tweet. “Start hiding your faves before it’s too late, thank you.”

Coincidentally, the communal belief that new music from the Black is King star is on the way aligns with a report that seemingly confirms the rumors. Per HitsDailyDouble, Sony Music is reportedly anticipating “victory laps in Q4” as they are preparing to release projects from Harry Styles and Beyoncé before the end of the fiscal year ending on March 30, 2022.

Earlier this week, actor Leon Bridges also shared a post of a text exchange between him and a vinyl producer who claimed he met with Bey to discuss vinyl options for her new project.

Given Beyoncé’s history of surprise album releases, fans are now preparing themselves for what’s to come. See some more reactions to her joining TikTok below.