Social media users are having a field day with Taye Diggs and his recently-created TikTok account. The actor recently joined the platform and has already become a trending topic following a slew of hilarious TikTok posts.

In one video, he tries to take on the viral “You’re A Jerk” challenge. In another, he’s spotted as he teaches his “All American” costar Kareem J. Grimes the choreography he’s created to Nipsey Hussle‘s “Grinding All My Life.” A third post captures him attempting to make transitions to “Icon” by Jaden Smith.

What makes most of the clips hilarious is that Diggs is obviously unaware of how to use the app — an admission he makes his most-watched video. Instead of inserting pre-recorded audio, the star sings and makes his own beats and sound effects as he records his content. He then shares them on the platform and again on his Twitter account.

Most of Diggs’ posts have garnered over one million views; on Twitter, the actor has become a hot topic among users who are more than entertained by his presence on TikTok.

“I legit hope @TayeDiggs never learns how to use sound on TikTok…….,” wrote user @LadyInk_1. “I am in tears”

A few people, including @CWilliamson44, admired Diggs for his carefree attitude.

“Feel like I would get along with Taye Diggs cuz he really don’t be giving a damn just expressing himself without a care in the world lol,” he tweeted. “Love it.”

Some people referred to his posts as “chaotic,” while others questioned whether the Best Man actor is going through a midlife crisis.

The general consensus, however, was that Diggs’ newfound presence on TikTok was something many people didn’t know they needed. “Taye Diggs joining TikTok is one of the best things I’ve seen in a minute,” @ruetamdoee summarized. “I’m genuinely concerned because what is he even doing?”