Big Boi is holding onto footage that he believes may be the “greatest Outkast documentary.”

The rapper recently engaged in a conversation with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe and was asked if he’s ever taken “space to reflect” on the accomplishments made throughout his career.

“Oh absolutely, man,” said Big Boi. “I just so happen to be in possession of the last OutKast tours from 1998 to 2000-whatever. Like, hours and hours and hours. We had to watch [and] digitize the footage for, like, a month and a half. We had to sit through there and watch it.”

The “Ms. Jackson” emcee then went on to make a bold claim about the exclusive videos.

“I got the greatest OutKast documentary, never sold. Locked in the vault,” he said. “Me and Dre [André 3000], I told Dre I got it. Because Dre didn’t even know. I mean he knew I captured it because I had the cameraman on the road with us, but I just told him how dope it was.”

The footage features 10-years worth of clips, including shots of the duo freestyling in hotels, Three Stacks playing the keys, Big Boi walking the lobby with his youngest son — who was an infant at the time — and some live performances of less popular tracks.

While Outkast has no plans to drop the documentary anytime soon, Big Boi revealed that he does have an edit of the video. His hope is to release the footage in the form of a series.

Big Boi, who has been on a press run to promote The Big Sleepover — his collaborative project with Sleepy Brown — previously revealed that there is also a “lot of unreleased [Outkast] music” in the vault. When asked whether an Outkast reunion was in the near future, he told The Guardian, “You would have to talk to the Lord Jesus. Only he knows.”