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  /  12.12.2021

Tessica Brown, the woman who captivated the Internet after accidentally using Gorilla Glue to style her hair, is in another hairy situation. This time, Brown used hair dye to cover up a few gray hairs because she says she thought her hair was “strong enough to take chemicals.” 

In a recent TikTok video, Brown explained that she decided she was going to wear her real hair, but after finding a few gray strands, she used a hair dye and unfortunately — that was a costly mistake. 

“I put the dye on, jumped in the shower rinsing it out and as I’m rinsing it out through my hair, my hair is steady coming out as I’m rinsing my hair out,” Brown said while showing viewers a clump of hair in her hand. “Look, it’s just falling. It falls out in clumps. I don’t even know. It’s like it’s melted… I’m so over it.”

According to The New York Post, the woman formerly known as Gorilla Glue girl, decided to undergo another procedure to help with her hair loss. A rep. for Brown told the outlet that the chemicals that were used to remove the glue from her hair earlier this year mixed with the dye, and caused her hair to melt. On Wednesday (Dec. 8), Brown visited Dr. G. Kevork Abrhamian and hair specialist Jacques Abrahamian at La Fue Hair Clinic in Pasadena, California for stem cell and platelet-rich plasma therapy.

“I’m just praying that it works,” the 39-year-old mother of five told The Post of the procedure. Typically stem cell and platelet-rich plasma therapy can cost anywhere between $4,000 to $6,000 but it is effective and commonly used for hair treatments, injuries, and several orthopedic conditions.

In Brown’s case, the treatment should “promote new hair growth and expand the life cycle of the existing hairs that she has,” Jacques told The Post. “PRP uses her own growth factors and platelets found in her blood that heals and rejuvenates the follicles. The other procedure is stem cell therapy, the king when it comes to natural healing and repair.”

“We mix the PRP and the stem cells, and we inject it using a very fine needle to the areas that have been damaged,” he added. Brown, hopefully, should see the treatment begin to work sometime within the next six to nine months. 

“Nothing that’s gonna happen overnight, but the shedding should stop real soon,” she told The Post. Dr. Abrhamian informed Brown that if she chooses to dye her hair again, he recommends using an organic hair dye without paraphenylenediamine. But after two serious procedures in one year, Brown admitted she is “scared” of using chemicals in her hair again. 

Perhaps, this will be the last time we hear from Brown. Check out her recent TikTok below: 


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