/  12.09.2021

While on her grind, Saweetie has released music, television shows, a Mcdonald’s meal, a collection with Pretty Little Thing and more. One of her primary goals, however, is to cater to “celebrities and their mental health.”

During a recent interview with People, Saweetie revealed her plan to open up a celebrity wellness resort, which she hopes to bring to fruition when she’s a billionaire or until she receives some help from a few investors.

“You see artists, especially women artists, venting online and it really makes my soul sad that no one is protecting our mental health,” she explained. “Like we’re working so much and mental health is important because if we’re not healthy, then we can’t work and if we can’t work, there’s no music.”

Struggles with mental health also led Saweetie to think about launching a celebrity wellness resort. According to the “My Type” emcee, she’s seeing the fruits of her labor and has been working constantly to keep up the momentum. Her busy workload, unfortunately, has resulted in burnout and negative effects on her mental health.

“Sometimes I can’t look at my calendar on my weekly schedule because it’ll give me anxiety,” the Bay Area native revealed. “I feel like what I’m working for is starting to pay off, so I’m just really grateful to be acknowledged. […] It’s like I live, sleep, eat and breathe music and business. My team is really small, so I have to take on responsibilities that eventually somebody else will, but because my team is small, I have to help them out. It’s just trying to find balance right now. I have no balance. Everything is just work, work, work and I don’t have an outlet. I don’t have a therapist. I don’t hang out with any of my friends because I work so much, so it’s just trying to thug it out into until the New Year.”

For now, Saweetie says she prays, meditates and takes things “day by day” to remain level-headed, but she plans on taking some time on Christmas for some much-needed rest and relaxation on a tropical island.

“I’m going to take a deep breath and release some stress,” the rapper told People. “Hopefully I’m able to evaluate, reflect on and see what I can do better next year because I work a lot.”

Balance needs to happen,” she added. “I feel like I’m being run down to the ground right now and my body doesn’t feel good. I’ve had mental breakdowns and it’s just really stressful, but it’s nice to be acknowledged because it lets me know that my hard work isn’t going unnoticed.”



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