Welcome to “The Block” — a campaign in partnership with Frito-Lay — that was designed to shed a huge light on the moments that are not so often commemorated like joy, specifically Black joy. In order to authentically bring the campaign to life, Frito-Lay worked with REVOLT’s creative agency to develop the entire initiative. From the director to the writer and photographer, the creation and execution was of an all Black team at the forefront. Grammy-award winning artist H.E.R is the mellow voiceover driving the storyline and bringing immense joy to the story.

Carlos “Kaito” Araujo, the profound filmmaker photographer who was discovered at the age of 19 by Diddy, directed the entire spot from start to end adding his dynamic touch to the project. Brooklyn native rapper and producer CJ Fly takes on the lead role as Joy’s brother — adding his own version of genuine love through every scene. Visual storyteller and photographer Nyki Elle was the scriptwriter behind the campaign whose personal connection to the project allowed her to produce such a joy-filled momentum.

“The Block is about [celebrating] Black Joy in its most real and authentic moments. This project connected with who I am as a creator: one who strives to celebrate diversity, spread light, and uplift spirits through authentic imagery,” she wrote in an Instagram post about the project. REVOLT’s internal agency — which includes Senior Account Director Bree Balogun, Head of Branded Content Andre Woolery, and Senior Director of Creative Production Naydea Davis — the team collectively visualized a campaign created from a place of genuineness with the help of all of the featured talent that successfully brought their vision to life on screen.

“The Block” is a visual representation of the moments that permeate the Black community. In the opening scene, the older brother named CJ calls his sister “Joy” over to take a stroll through their neighborhood. As singer-songwriter H.E.R. narrates the entire commercial, she opens up about the significance of “The Block.” It is a place for authenticity, it is home to Black Joy prospering, and it is a space for building community with the generations of yesterday and the future generations to come. The #joyFULLYBlack initiative with Frito-Lay is part of their continuous efforts to amplify and increase visibility to Black creatives in front and behind the lens.

A year ago, PepsiCo and Frito-Lay pledged to help address the demand for systemic change and accurate representation. The company promised to invest more than $400 million over five years to work toward fair opportunities for Black Americans. “The Block” is centered as the cornerstone of the Black community, where joy is dispersed and found everywhere. It is more than just a commercial, it is a visual commitment that is set to bring forward pragmatic and lighthearted representation of Blackness on and off screen while changing the narrative of what has been continuously presented to the world. “The Block” is a form of activism.

To learn more about the collective initiative and to share the joy, visit fritolayjoyfullyblack.com.