This week, Dreamville’s very own Cozz just unleashed a brand new EP for fans titled Fortunate, which boasts seven tracks and a sole feature from YG. Leading up to the release, Cozz prepped fans with singles like the title track and “Addicted.” On the latter vulnerable track, the Los Angeles spitter comes to terms with his vices as he raps about them one by one:

Ditchin my addictions is like switching my pigment/ Shit if ya got any advice I’m here to listen, we all got plenty of vices and mine no different/ Unless we talking be women who grew up w out they fathers/ So they addictions attention you know

Them girls with they only fans, in they descriptions, few dollars for naked pictures/ No judging cuz I’m addicted to watch y’all twerk, on insta so fuck it/ As long as y’all ain’t lying to kick it, I’m with it

Unfortunately, the project’s release didn’t go as smoothly as planned. The track list was initially presented out of order on streaming services, which hindered the intended listening experience that Cozz wanted fans to receive. “No lie I’m frustrated cuz I had an idea of how I want people to hear this EP but technical difficulties didn’t allow that to happen,” he writes. “What’s below is the [correct] order so if u care enough, listen as is but if not fuck it the music is the same.” He paired the tweet with a photo of the official track list.

Cozz’s last official full-length body of work was 2018’s Effected, and before that was Cozz & Effect. In the meantime, he could be heard dishing out show-stopping verses on the infamous Revenge of the Dreamers compilations. On that set, he handles “LamboTruck” with Reason and Childish Major, as well as “1993” with J. Cole, JID, EarthGang, Buddy, and Smino, and more.

Be sure to press play on Cozz’s brand new EP Fortunate.