Jussie Smollett attacker Abimbola Osundairo aka “Bola” testified about his role in the 2019 incident. He took the stand on Wednesday (Dec. 1) and doubled down on previous claims that he was hired to assault the “Empire” singer, CNN reported.

According to the testimony, Smollett confided in an acquaintance about wanting Osundairo “to beat him up” before actually sharing his idea with the Nigerian actor. “He explained he wanted me to fake beat him up,” said Bola, who admitted that he agreed to the plan to express appreciation to Smollett for getting him a gig on “Empire.” He also believed that the singer “could help further” his acting career.

That night, as Smollett drove Osundairo home from the Chicago studio, the singer expressed his need for another person to help with the attack. “He told me that we would need another person to fake beat him up,” said the Nigerian actor. “He mentioned could my brother (Olabinjo Osundairo) do it. I said yes.” The three eventually met in an alley and discussed the details of the plan, which included instructions to say “‘Empire’ faggot, nigger, MAGA” — the same words reported Smollett in his police report. Smollett also explained his vision for the physical attack.

“He wants me to attack him, but he wanted me to pull the punch so I don’t hurt him, give him a bruise,” the Nigerian brother said. He also claimed the actor wanted him to “pour bleach on him” before running away.

Osundairo told Special Prosecutor Daniel Webb that Smollett was responsible for orchestrating the event. He claimed the actor “wanted to use the fake attack or camera footage for media” and deliberately informed them to stay away from rideshares so their trip to the alley would not be recorded. Osundairo eventually received a $3,500 check — a gesture he didn’t expect as he’d performed the act out of kindness and compensation. He said he was also asked to write a condolence letter that would absolve him from the crime.

While the Jussie Smollett attacker testified that the assault was staged, the singer and his attorneys say he was attacked by the brothers, who he suggests are homophobic. He faces up to three years in prison for allegedly lying to police.