Despite his current incarceration, Max B continues to drop off music to his loyal fanbase. Today (Nov. 19), the New York City veteran and his team unveiled his latest body of work Negro Spirituals, which comes with 14 tracks and additional features from Giggs, Raheem DeVaughn, and longtime associate French Montana, who appears on the Paul Couture-produced “Black Out.” The booming cut sees Max B rapping about women, wealth, and his eventual freedom:

“Fuck the club, baby, there’s bottles at the liquor sto’, runnin’ outta juice, where’s your glass, let me get you mo’, baby, what’s your palate, let me treat you to a salad, I don’t wanna see no corns, I don’t wanna see no callus, got the balance they appreciate, diamonds don’t depreciate, knew one day that I’d be out, I just have to keep the faith…”

Back in 2019, Max B revealed that his initial 75-year prison sentence was reduced to 12 — this would essentially have meant that he would finally be able to return to the streets this year. Whether or not he’s able to walk out of East Jersey State Prison before the ball drops, it’s a hopefully sign that his liberation from behind the wall is arriving much sooner than later.

In a past interview with REVOLT, Couture spoke on how he’s been assisting with Max B’s music, revealing that he also does a lot to bring the rapper’s vocals to quality level for listening consumption:

“All I know is that I send in the music to the label. Max has a lot of involvement. From the beginning of the process, Max has been on the phone with me like, ‘I like live music. Can you throw some guitars and stuff?’ … The vocals take so much work that someone in Swizz’s camp was like, ‘Paul, you deserve a Grammy just off of what you did with Max’s vocals alone.’”

Press play on Negro Spirituals.