In recent times, R&B artists all over have been doing more than enough to keep fans of the genre satisfied to the tee. Not only for the major artists, but the rising and independent artists as well. Sometimes the best new R&B can be hard to find, but there are plenty of great rhythm-and-blues jams to get into if you have the time to sift through the hundreds of newly released songs every week. So that fans can focus on listening to what they really love in its true form, R&B sensation Ye Ali comes to the rescue with the release of his latest EP called Dangerous.

With it now being the season where it’s getting cold outside, more people are staying indoors and looking for their annual “cuddle buddies” or whatever term they use these days that pertains to being boo’d up for the season. Ye Ali couldn’t have picked a better time to drop off this EP because we all know what time it is.

In a sit-down with REVOLT this past February, Ye Ali spoke on a number of things including the lessons he’s learned from being in the studio: “Play your role. Sometimes if you have certain people in the studio, you don’t need to do everything. Maybe you don’t need to top line. Maybe you need to do clean-up duty. Rebounds and hitting the boards. I think of it as sports. The hustle players, like Draymond Green, matter because he does the things Steph [Curry] and Klay [Thompson] don’t do. Sometimes you need to be the glue guy who finishes a line someone can’t finish.”

One dope thing about the artist is that he supports his own music career through modeling and securing brand partnerships with major sneaker and apparel companies. It’s common for artists to get advances from record labels or self marketing, but Ye Ali was wise enough to use his own modeling skills to leverage his music. Check out Dangerous now.