Travis Scott’s attorney said his client was not aware of the “full effect” of the Astroworld Festival tragedy until the next morning after the show.

On Friday (Nov. 12), Scott’s attorney Edwin F. McPherson appeared on “Good Morning America” to speak about the concert that has now taken the lives of nine people. He said that the mass casualty announcement that authorities made during the show did not make it to the “Sicko Mode” emcee. “In fact,” McPherson said, “we’ve seen footage of police half an hour later just walking about and not looking like it was a mass casualty event.”

“But clearly the important thing is that never got to Travis, that never got to Travis’ crew,” he added. “He’s up there trying to perform; he does not have any ability to know what’s going on down below, certainly on a mass level.”

McPherson stated that his client did not know the “full effect” of everything that had happened until the next morning after the show. He said that Scott couldn’t see or hear anything — other than his own voice and what was playing through his ear piece.

As REVOLT previously reported, nine people have died as a result of injuries they sustained during the Astroworld Festival. As Scott performed, the crowd of over 50,000 people surged toward the stage, causing people to be trampled and unable to breathe. Over 100 lawsuits have been filed against the “Highest In The Room” emcee, Live Nation and others, accusing them of negligence.

Scott has offered to cover the funeral costs for those who have died. On Thursday (Nov. 11), his team released a statement urging those who were affected by the tragedy to reach out via email for immediate assistance.

Check out a clip from McPherson’s interview on “Good Morning America” below.