A Travis Scott fan who attended his Astroworld Festival on Friday (Nov. 5) has been declared brain dead. According to TMZ, Bharti Shahani, a 22-year-old senior at Texas A&M University, has been fighting for her life since being critically injured at the annual event. On Tuesday morning (Nov. 9), her family learned she had no brain activity; they will meet with doctors to determine their next steps.

Shahani, who was studying electronic systems engineering technology, attended the first night of Astroworld Fest alongside her cousin Mohit Bellani and sister Namrata, but as the crowd pushed toward the front of the stage, they fought to stay atop the falling bodies and were eventually separated.

The student’s relatives came out okay but were phoneless and unable to contact her. When they saw her next, she’d already been admitted to the Houston Methodist Hospital.

According to ABC News, Shahani was rushed to the hospital and administered CPR on the way there. Her parents went to multiple hospitals before finding her and eventually discovered her bleeding and on a ventilator upon their arrival. They told the outlet that she suffered multiple heart attacks since being trampled, and her brain stem was severely swollen.

“The doctors, they say the chances of survival are nothing, which I have not even spoken to my wife until now. We keep saying we’ll pray,” her father, Sunny, said before asking for prayers to be sent his daughter’s way. “I request all of Houston to pray for her. Maybe the prayers might work as a miracle for her.”

Shahani’s sister Namrata has since launched a GoFundMe to “help cover mounting expenses during this strenuous time.” “We greatly appreciate any donations and ask that everyone keep Bharti and our family in their prayers during this difficult time,” she wrote in the fundraiser’s description.

As Shahani’s family awaits further updates on her condition, 9-year-old Ezra Blount, was who was crushed in the stampede, remains in a coma. A total of eight individuals passed away at the tragic event.