S5 E44 | Ye (Part 1)


S5 E44 | Ye (Part 1)


Soulja Boy must have seen Kanye West’s recent interview on REVOLT’s “Drink Champs” because he went off about the Chicago native.

“Bitch ass nigga don’t get on no public platform and say different from what the fuck you told me to my face,” the “Crank Dat” rapper said in a short video clip. “Tell me to my face that shit was trash, bitch ass, fucking scab head ass boy. Who cut yo hair? Who cut yo hair? Yo shit fucked up nigga!”

Soulja added, “I’ll give you a good verse. You wanna hear a good verse? Imma go to the muthafuckin’ studio and cook yo ass.”

Soulja then proceeded to hold his cell phone up to the camera to show text messages of his conversation with Ye where he apparently told the “She Make It Clap” emcee that his verse for Donda was “hard.”

“You not finna baby me nigga with some muthafuckin’ ‘Soulja Boy is the future,’” he continued. “Shut the fuck up nigga. You said my verse wasn’t hard nigga? Who the fuck is you think you talkin’ — everything that come out my muthafuckin’ mouth is hard nigga! What the fuck is you talkin’ bout Kanye West?”

His comments come after Thursday’s (Nov. 4) “Drink Champs” interview. N.O.R.E. asked Ye why Soulja’s verse on “Remote Control” was left off the album. The “All Of The Lights” MC replied, “You ain’t hear that verse?” N.O.R.E. responded, “No. The verse wasn’t good?” Ye then replied, “Nah,” and the room exploded into laughter.

However, Ye did give Soulja his flowers. “Soulja Boy is top five most influential, and I’m not going to argue with you niggas about this at all,” the Late Registration rapper stated. “I tell you what, though, Soulja Boy is the future. Future the future. There’s a couple of people.”

Check out Soulja’s video below.