Dame Dash is ready to squash his 20-year beef with JAY-Z after the 4:44 crafter shouted him out during his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Speaking with Page Six on Monday (Nov. 1), Dash said Hov’s induction speech shoutout “was beautiful.”

“I’m glad he said it for the culture. We need to squash everything,” he said. “So, hopefully if that was an extended [olive branch], I’ll spin one back. I have no beef with [him] if [he has] no beef with me. Let’s get the lawyers out of it then. Let’s talk like men, but I definitely appreciate it.”

He added, “I would never want you to think that we have to go to the court to resolve anything. We can talk it out and the culture needs to see two strong Black men working out a problem. Even if they worked together, they can go their separate ways [and] they can still be cool.”

As reported by REVOLT, JAY-Z saluted his former friend and Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder at the Rocket Mortgage Field House in Cleveland on Saturday (Oct. 30).

“Shout out to Dame. I know we don’t see eye-to-eye, but I can never erase your accomplishments, and I appreciate you and I thank you for that,” he said.

Hov also applauded The Notorious B.I.G., adding, “He was one of the most honorable people I’ve ever met and we created something that will probably never be duplicated. I appreciate you guys. Thank you for our journey. Thank you. Thank you for your contribution to this journey.”

JAY-Z and Dash famously started Roc-A-Fella Records with Kareem “Biggs” Burke in 1995. However, the dismantling of the label ended in the former business partners’ bitter feud, most recently sparking back up again over a Reasonable Doubt NFT.

Speaking with Page Six, Dash agreed that while they “don’t see eye-to-eye,” the pair has “accomplished too much to be beefing.” He also said he’ll always consider Hov a brother and reflected on the rapper’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.

“That means I’m in the Hall of Fame,” he said, “Whether we cool or not, him getting in the Hall of Fame is major. So congratulations to us, congratulations to him and thank you [to him] for keep working so hard to where he got to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Anything he can do to make me great, so thank you for even continuing to strive. He keeps my name alive.”