Wale is the latest emcee to admit that he previously suffered from COVID-19. Recently, the D.C. native, who is promoting his latest album Folarin II, sat down with “The Breakfast Club” and opened up about many things, including his scary bout with the Coronavirus.

“That shit feel like you don’t got no control over nothing,” said Wale. “I remember when I was in denial, I was like, ‘Yeah, I got COVID, but I’m just gonna stay in the house’, and then it’s getting worse. I remember taking an Uber to the hospital ’cause I ain’t want to be dramatic. I’m like, ‘I can’t breathe’… I remember they was taking my blood, and the lady couldn’t find my veins and all this other stuff. I just remember I passed out from just that alone. I was like ‘Wow, I was really just like, regular, three days ago,’ and I realized how serious it is.”

The rapper was hospitalized for an undisclosed amount of days, but upon his recovery, the seclusion drove him to ask the hospital staff to “let me go home.”

“Just being in there dolo, nobody can come in,” Wale explained before revealing some of the long-term effects of COVID-19 he is currently experiencing.

“One thing that people don’t talk enough about COVID[-19] is the after-effects,” he continued. “The main thing with me is the COVID[-19] fog. That shit is real … It feels like you smoked too much. For me, because I have legitimate issues with anxiety and stuff, everything was heightened.”

Wale’s recollection of his experience with COVID-19 comes months after he announced he was taking a social media break to tend to his health. “I am out of commission. I been extremely sick,” he said at the time. It’s not clear whether this was the time the rapper battled the virus.

See Wale’s interview on “The Breakfast Club.”