SZA unleashed her frustrations with a photographer who “disrespected” her and released images of her without her stamp of approval. Recently, after learning that Edwig Hansen shared her photos on his Instagram account, the “Love Galore” singer took to Twitter to call him out about the unauthorized action.

“He literally text me [and] said, ‘Sorry if u never wanna work w me again but I decided I’m releasing these.’ Never felt more powerless or disrespected,” SZA tweeted. “Releasing pictures of me w out my consent is scary. Y’all be careful working w folk u don’t know well.”

Amid her slew of tweets, she insisted that “karma is realer than anything Twitter got” before expressing that she has the right not to want her images disclosed to the public.

“If I don’t want pics out ‘cause I don’t wanna fight w my ex, or my album not done and I wanna wait or I decided I DON’T wanna be oversexualized in that way rn. Das my choice as a woman. As a human,” she continued.

Hansen later responded to the ensuing backlash and explained that he did not violate SZA as there was no contract that warned against the release of the pictures.

“Definitely not doing anything for clout, there’s so much more to this than you guys know, I’m not a bad person. I’m not arguing with anyone on social media. Never have, never will. And please stop sending death threats,” the photographer wrote, revealing that he covered the costs of the studio, hairstylist and makeup artist. He clarified that SZA wanted to purchase the images, but the written-up contracts were not signed and there was “very poor communication with management.”

TDE’s President Punch chimed in, questioning the release of the photos while issuing a warning to the photographer. “And you still got the post up on ig??” he asked. “You doing this wrong champ. I promise you, you’re doing this the wrong way.”

The pictures and SZA’s tweets have since been deleted.