E-40 has unveiled his new food brand, Goon with the Spoon. After entering the culinary world a couple of years ago, the Bay Area rap legend now has his own line of gourmet sausages and burritos.

“Fulfilled a lifelong dream today with the formal launch of my GOON WITH THE SPOON brand & inaugural sausage line!” he celebrated the launch on Instagram. “We’re in production and about to take over the food industry now.”

According to TMZ, Goon with the Spoon was launched in partnership with Justin Kinder of Kinder’s Meats, Deli and BBQ. The joint venture includes a variety of packaged sausages in many flavors, such as teriyaki pineapple chicken sausage, Philly cheesesteak chicken sausages, hot beef sausages, mild beef sausages and the Choices (Yum) Sausage Bundle.

“This is what I like to eat. So, just like with all my drinks, I make what I like to drink,” E-40 told TMZ. “… Doing different things, that’s what it’s about.”

The brand’s turf burritos will become available starting Nov. 15 and are inspired by E-40’s Vallejo, California upbringing.

“I’m from Magazine Street and right down the street, everybody would get turf burritos at 711,” he said. The 53-year-old added that his turf burritos will be “the ones that everybody loves: the green chills and the red chilis.” However, he’s also looking to offer vegan and chicken options down the line.

Along with the food, E-40 also has plans to release new cookbooks, produce cooking shows and open restaurants. Expansion for his Goon with the Spoon brand is expected to include packaged meals, skewers, ice cream and more.

In 2019, E-40 became an investor and co-owner of the Oakland-based Filipino restaurant, the Lumpia Company. The “I Stand On That” rapper also previously ventured into the wine industry, releasing four California sparkling wines: Cotton Candy, Cali-Mocho Red Wine and Cola, Watermelon and Mango Peach; as well as two Italian Proseccos.

See his Instagram post below.