The family of Jelani Day is calling for a third autopsy after the first two post-mortem examinations provided contradictory results. On Tuesday (Oct. 12), his siblings took to their mother’s Facebook page to explain their request.

Per the statement, they questioned the inconsistent autopsy results and noted that they’ve failed to receive “an accurate explanation” about the “things” missing in Day’s body. They also said they have not ruled out the possibilities of organ harvesting but are requesting the third autopsy with hopes to find answers. The clarity on what occurred or the condition of the 25-year-old’s body, they explained, will allow them to move forward with the burial.

“We are unsure if the whole body was there so this is why we didn’t do a burial,” they explained in the statement. “This is why we are in the process of getting a 3rd autopsy done due to numerous amounts of conflicting information from the 1st and 2nd autopsy.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Day went missing on Aug. 24 and was found in the Illinois River days later on Sept. 4. An independent autopsy revealed that his jawbone was “sawed out,” some of his teeth were missing, his organs were “mush and liquified” and others, including his brain, liver and spleen, were not found. The reports were later shut down by Day’s mother, who said that there were “no organs were missing” in the picture.”

The 25-year-old’s siblings say their family has been kept “in the dark” amid the mourning process, but the search continues as they are still “working to get answers.”

“Due to the distrust this is why we suspect foul play of the La Salle county coroner, La Salle sheriff office, La Salle PD, Peru PD and Bloomington PD,” the statement continued. “For these reasons, this is why we want/need the FBI Involved as well.”

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